Baking Soda: A Versatile Home-Cleaning Agent

Handy is a company in the business of finding cleaning professionals for people. They have picked up a few pointers throughout the years. Baking soda is generally though of as something used in the kitchen for baking and other cooking needs. But it has many uses in home organization and maintenance as well. This common household product is also perfect for low-cost yet effective cleaning of many items around the home. Lets take a look at six examples of some of its versatile uses:


Refresh Your Refrigerator: Old stale food can generate foul smells in your refrigerator or freezer. These foul emanations can be transferred to other food items and wreck your up-and-coming meal plans. Even when you find and throw out the offending item, the bad smells can linger for days. Your easy solution is to place an open box of baking soda in the fridge. Its odor-eating attributes will soon render your fridge smelling like new.


Deodorize pet beds and sitting areas: We love out pets but even the best of them can leave a smelly reminder where they sleep or sit. The solution: Sprinkle the pet bed or rug with banking soda, leave for about twenty minutes, then vacuum up the soda powder. Voila! The pet’s personal parlor area is fresh again. Handy has many cleaning professionals on their platform that has experience cleaning up after pets.


Get Rid of Mildew on Bathroom Tiles: Bathroom tiles, tubs, and toilet area can be infected with mildew, especially in warm, moist climates. The remedy is surprisingly simple. Scrub these areas with a damp sponge and baking soda. Upon rising, these areas are clean smelling and totally revitalized.


Remedy Garage Floor Spills: The cement garage floor seldom stays free from oil or grease spills for long. These unsightly spots can be removed with baking soda. Sprinkle the baking soda on these areas, and scrub with a wet brush. You’ll be amazed and pleased with the results.


Brighten Dull Jewellery: Some types of jewellery, particularly silver, can tarnish and get dull with age. Use baking soda to revive the lustre of your jewellery. Make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply to the jewellery with a lint-free cloth. Rinse away that dull lustre.


Clean A Grimy Outdoor Grill: What a mess a summer season of outdoor cooking can make of your grill. One again, baking soda to the rescue! Sprinkle the soda powder right onto your grill-cleaning brush and cleanse old carbon and cooked-food residue efficiently and easily!


As can be seen, inexpensive, non-toxic baking soda is a real asset for your house-cleaning arsenal. It pays to have it on hand in every home.

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