Close the Book on Grim Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping can sometimes make you feel like you’re trapped in a Grimm’s fairy tale.  As you look down your list at the names of those you need to shop for, don’t you wish you had a fairy Godmother who could make the perfect gift appear with a wave of her wand?  Do you wonder what to get those three little pigs you call nephews?  Or maybe you feel like Cinderella because you lost your slipper when it fell out of your gym bag as you hurried off to work.  Well, don’t be a Sleeping Beauty and let all the good deals get away this season.  Search Groupon and use some of their promo codes for all the gift shopping you need at Lord & Taylor.

There you will find something for every man, woman, and child on your list, including those three little pigs.  Just think how adorable they’d look in a packable Bob Der Bar puffer jacket worn over some Moose drawstring pants from the same collection.  And you can find scarves and gloves for those twins, Hansel and Gretel that will keep them warm all winter.  And if your slipper got away you can easily replace it with something nice from the wide selection of designer shoes they sell.  You’ll find boots starting at just $29.99, and codes that will chop off 75% on women’s clearance and other codes you can use for exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else.

Lord & Taylor stocks the latest must-haves in home décor trends, so you can bring that old witch of a mother-in-law a standing floor lamp by AF lighting to read by. And just image the reaction you’ll get when you plop the tiramisu you whipped upusing the KitchenAid Tilt Head Stand Mixer down on the dessert table.  You can buy all these items and more when you shop Lord & Taylor with promo codes from Groupon, and you can start the process on your smart phone or other mobile device.  It’s easy to get free shipping with a qualifying purchase, and have those gifts delivered to your home or theirs.

If you’re traveling through the woods to Grandmother’s house this year, stay on the path to great savings by shopping Lord & Taylor.  Don’t be like Little Red Riding Hood.  Her money got swallowed up by the Big Bad Wolf of high prices.

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